Domestic Scaffolding

If you need domestic scaffolding services, Judd Whyle & Son Scaffolding Nottingham Ltd are the company to choose. Whether you’re repairing a small terraced house, a new build property, or a listing building, we’ve got the skills, experience and equipment you need to get the job done on time, within budget, and with minimum disruption. We’ll ensure that your project is completed while observing all safety laws and regulations at all times.

Domestic Scaffolding Across the UK

Judd Whyle & Son Scaffolding Nottingham Ltd specialises in domestic scaffolding for the following work:

  • Painting
  • Rendering
  • Roof Replacing
  • New Build Construction
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Extension Construction
  • General Repairs

Domestic Scaffolding

Our team of experienced staff can help you find exactly the scaffolding you need for your individual situation. We can also guide you throughout the entire process, from the initial enquiries to your council’s planning committee, to the scaffolding erection stage including risk assessment and safety awareness, to completion and dismantling. We include above-and-beyond safety appraisals and recommendations as standard, ensuring that everyone involved in the work as well as your property itself is kept safe and free from hazards at all times.

Our team of full-time, in-house experts is highly trained, qualified and experienced. Registered with and trained by the CITB, our team also has CISRS registration. Our Health & Safety policy is accompanied with a strong risk assessment policy which ensures that the safety around your home will be of the highest standard.

We know how important it is for home-owners, landlords and property developers to know exactly what their construction / repairs schedules are, and how disruptive it can be if they are not adhered to. That’s why Judd Whyle & Son Scaffolding Nottingham Ltd won’t ever let our customers down in terms of delivery times, erection, maintenance or deconstruction and removal. To the furthest possible extent, we ensure that your building’s access won’t be impeded, and that your project is done as quickly and in as hassle-free a manner as possible.